Baddi Barotiwala Nalagarh Development Authority

The main aim to create Baddi Barotiwala Nalagarh Development Authority (BBNDA) is for spatial planning, to take up various development activities and to achieve the following objectives:

  • To encourage planned & systematic Urban & Regional Industrial & Rural growth in a comprehensive manner.
  • To stop haphazard and Un-authorized Constructions.
  • To make optimum use of precious land.
  • To create conducive condition for encouraging planned construction.
  • To plan for creating essential Urban Infrastructure.
  • To sub-serve the basic needs of poor especially Urban Slum population and Industrial workers.
  • To upgrade environment for conducive habitats.
  • To provide basic amenities like Street lights, paths, roads & sanitation etc. in BBN Area.
  • To create sustainable and conducive environment for prospective investors.
  • To develop a Modern Industrial Township.

Major Activities

Construction of Baddi Trade Centre

Baddi Trade Centre is proposed to be set up at Baddi in the Baddi, Barotiwala and Nalagarh (BBN) Industrial Cluster of Himachal Pradesh. The objective of setting up of the Centre is to provide necessary infrastructure for export promotion in the Area and to facilitate the already established Industries to partake in the facilities proposed to be created in the Trade Centre Baddi viz. conferencing, training and exhibition of products etc. The proposed Trade Centre will help Industries in sharing knowledge and generating awareness about exports. It will provide a platform to the exporters to exhibit their products and have a direct interface with the clients. The facility will attract more and more Industries in to the field of export. Initially Project Report for the construction of Trade Centre at Baddi was submitted to the Ministry of Commerce and Textile, New Delhi under ASIDE Scheme for the year 2008-2009. Sanction of the Scheme was conveyed by the Under Secretary to the Govt. of India vide letter dated 2nd September, 2008. The total cost of the project is Rs. 1081 Lacs, out of which contribution of Govt. of India under ASIDE is Rs. 540 Lacs, Rs. 320 Lacs has been contributed by State Govt. in the form of land and balance of Rs. 221 Lacs will be contributed by BBNIA. An amount of Rs. 10 Lacs has been given by the BBNIA and the remaining amount of Rs. 211 Lacs is still to be contributed by the BBNIA. In the original A/A&E/S estimate, many provisions were missing, but in fact they are required at site. As a result of this, the approximate total revised/completion cost of the project will come out to be Rs.1447.61 lacs.

Water Supply

Water supply scheme viz LWSS Baddi, Manpura, Barotiwala, Gullarwala, to improve drinking water facilities with expenditure of Rs. 159.50 lacs.

Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP)

The Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India has accorded sanction of the project for setting up of Common Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) in BBN area to the tune of Rs. 80.50 Crore out of which Rs. 53.80 Crore is for setting up of CETP and remaining amount is for other projects such as strengthening and upgradation of roads and Skill Upgradation-cum-Development Centre.

Sanitation/ Solid Waste Collection Activities

Authority entered into an agreement with Sulabh Shauchalaya for construction of 10 Nos. Public toilets at different sites of BBN area. The process of setting up Municipal Solid Waste Management Plant at Kenduwal (Baddi) of a capacity 40 TDP is in process. DPR has been approved by the State Government with capital cost of Rs. 970 lacs. Environment Clearance has been provided by the Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India and the project will be started soon.

Multipurpose Barrier at Barotiwala

It has been constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 138 lacs.

Widening Junctions

The work of improvement & widening of 10 Nos. of junction at an estimated cost of Rs 141 lacs in BBN area.

Sabzi Mandi

To get rid of road side vendor’s and congestion in Baddi area, sabzi Mandi has been constructed at an expenditure of Rs 68 lacs and handed over to the Municipal Committee, Baddi. BUS STOP: Bus stop at Baddi has been constructed at cost of Rs 34 lacs to get rid of traffic jam and handed over the HRTC for further maintenance and up keep.


2 Nos. Parking to park trucks, 4 Nos. of Car Parking at Baddi and 1 No. Car parking at Nalagarh has been constructed with an expenditure of Rs. 268.01 lacs.

BBNDA Residential Colony for Staff

Residential colony for staff working in BBNDA has been constructed at a cost of Rs. 305.56 lacs.

Rain Shelters

BBNDA has constructed 20 Nos of rain shelters in the BBN area at a cost of Rs. 16.92 lacs.

G.I.A. Scheme for Panchayats

BBNDA has provided Rs 69 lacs to the 37 Nos. of Panchayats of BBN Area to carry out development works through BDO Nalagarh & Dharampur. For the year 2014-15, BBNDA has earmarked funds to the tune of Rs. One Crore for development in BBN Panchayat area.

Fire Station Baddi

A fire tender has been provided to the fire station Baddi by getting funds from M/s Gail India Ltd. with a sum of Rs. 25.50 lacs under CSR scheme. Further a sum of Rs. 15.29 lacs has been spent by the BBNDA for repair of Fire Station at Baddi.

Construction of Parks

The Authority has developed 9 Nos. of parks in BBN area amounting to Rs. 31.15 lacs.

Construction of Factory Outlet

The Authority has constructed a retail Factory Outlet Complex on the Sun-City by-pass road at Baddi. 16 Nos. factory outlets have been constructed at the cost of Rs. 91.15 lacs, which includes Rs. 58.79 lacs spent on construction of these shops Rs. 4.00 lac spent on barbed wire fencing of the complex and Rs. 28.36 lacs spent on development of courtyard, parking, place, toilets etc. to facilitate the customers/allottees. Green BBN Initiative Due to heavy industrialization and haphazard growth in BBN area, the environment of this area has become polluted. In order to proved fresh air and green environment the BBNDA has recently launched a voluntary programme by the name BBN Green Initiative with the primary objective of Greening BBN area. Some pockets of Govt. land have been identified by the BBNDA for development of Green patches with the help of industrialist, stakeholders and other volunteer groups.

Besides road side plantation has also been taken up wherever possible. 11 pockets/patches have been allotted to the interested industrialists, stakeholders for holistic development. In pervious year 1500 tress were planted and now BBNDA is planning to plant even more no. of tress through Govt. Departments, Municipalities, Stakeholders and voluntary groups.

Disaster Management Plan

Under the Disaster Management Plan the BBNDA has provided a funds to the tune of Rs.64.70 Lacs. for Fire Station Baddi to upgrade the mobility services and their Infrastructure through the Director General Home Guard Himachal Pradesh.

Low Cost Housing

In order to replace the growing Jhuggis a step has been initiated by the BBNDA regarding construction of Low Cost Housing for migrant labourers. In this regard, a workshop was also organized on 18-06-2013 for sensitization of general public & increasing problem of Jhuggis-Jhopris to local environment. Notices have also been issued under provision of H.P. T&CP Act, 1977 to the 73 land owners who have rented out the land for jhuggis without prior permission of competent Authority. Some of land owners are ready to adopt the Low Cost Housing Scheme by replacing Jhuggis if relaxation to construct more than 8 dwelling units under H.P. TCP Act be given. Accordingly this Authority has sought relaxation in the matter from the Director, TCP under H.P. Apartment Act. The relaxation to the above is being awaited.

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